2019 california corporation filing

The California corporation expedited filing service offers a number of options for folks who must have their documents processed quickly. These options vary in price, and in addition with regards to the sort of documents that they may accept.

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Class A applications are definitely the fastest with regards to processing. The service provides a guaranteed reaction to pre-approved and pre-checked documents that are submitted directly, within four hours of submission. The pre-authorisation service carries an extra fee and proccessing time, though, causeing this to be a pricey option overall.

The California corporation expedited filing service also has a ‘same day’ offering which costs a bit more than the Class Services but enables you to submit documents which may have not been checked ahead of time. To utilize this service you need to submit your documents to the Sacramento office before 9.30 AM on that working day. You will have a response back by 4 PM with Class B expedited filing.

The third option is ’24 hour’ service, which has a guarantee when you submit your documents before closing time Monday through Thursday, you will have a response back within twenty four hours. The Sacramento office is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, and in the boundaries of people opening hours, they provide a 24 hour expedited filing service. Work does close for state holidays so take those under consideration in case you are considering putitng within a eleventh hour filing application.

Note, also, the expedite fee is on the top of the normal filing fee. The service is a useful choice to have when you are in a rush, but it might be far less expensive to simply submit your application on your local office and wait the standard period of time for it to be processed.